I love pugs with ALL of my might.  ALL OF IT.  This is why the Oregon Humane Society’s annual Pug Crawl (this was the 15th one!!) is basically the best day of the year.  Ankle deep in pugs, is where I love to be.  Let me take you on a journey of some of my favorite moments from this most epic day of Major League Pugs (the theme, ya’ll).

Pug Crawl 2015-21

I feel like more time gets added on to my life somehow when a particularly dazzling pug is around.  The pug parade every year will turn me into one of those people that lives to be 120 and then in about 86 years when I am interviewed about the secret to my longevity, I will get to answer, “Pugs.”  The pug people will nod knowingly and the others will be bewildered, but maybe, just maybe, they will get themselves down to the pug parade that year.

Pug Crawl 2015-6

I am so not kidding, this really happened.

Pug Crawl 2015-8

We actually had glorious weather this year, unlike the torrential downpours of years past.  This time the pugs got to take a dip in the pool!

Pug Crawl 2015-1

You guys, you guys, you guys!!!  This pug made my life complete at the NW Pet Fair with her hilarious moves.  You MUST check this out if you haven’t already seen it (it’s the second photo in the blog post): Upside Down Dog Wins at Life

Pug Crawl 2015-9

Thank you, punk rock pugs.  Thank you for existing.

Pug Crawl 2015-18Squeeeeeeee!

Pug Crawl 2015-4I don’t know how this pug got fuzzy, but I am so pleased that this occurred.  And for some dapper dudes, a polka dot bow tie IS sporty.  I don’t make the rules!

Pug Crawl 2015-7Every pug parent knows about the incredible weaving abilities of pug hair through your clothes (well, and theirs).  We used to call this “pughairy”. It’s much like glitter!  If you hang out with a pug, you will find pug hair on you until the end of time.  Our solution was to make all our furniture and carpet pug colored.  Whatever, sir- I will wear beige for you! <3

Pug Crawl 2015-10

“Did my heart love till now? Forswear it, sight! For I ne’er saw true beauty till this night.”

Pug Crawl 2015-11

I have failed to capture just how “big boned” this pug is.  He weighs 45 POUNDS!!  He’s actually only just a little bit plump, it’s just that he is twice the size of your average pug.  Twice the love, people.

Pug Crawl 2015-12If that smile can’t win you over, seriously — WHAT WILL??

Pug Crawl 2015-14I can’t help but notice that there is a pug melting all over his lap.

Pug Crawl 2015-17Behold the majesty!!  I can’t even believe my incredible fortune of meeting this beauty and all of her dang shoes.

Pug Crawl 2015-32I guess SOME pugs just weren’t into it. Not naming anyone in particular.

Pug Crawl 2015-23So creative!  So awesome!

Pug Shirts

Such good pug shirts out there!  This is the tip of the pug shirt iceberg.  Pugs are just INSPIRING.

Pug Crawl 2015-20He has serious school spirit.

Pug Crawl 2015-22The puppy is awake and I just have all the feels.

Pug Crawl 2015-24Meeting  Jenny the Pug was a total dream come true!

Pug Crawl 2015-39I was so stoked to meet Amanda of Panda Paws Rescue.  They are incredible, please please please check them out!

Pug Crawl 2015-40With Amanda was Duncan, the most amazing dog ever.  I had wanted to meet him for so long!!  He doesn’t let having only two legs stop him, and he is just SO happy!

Pug Crawl 2015-27Just spectacular.

Pug Crawl 2015-28These surfing pugs were super legit.

Pug Crawl 2015-29Things started to heat up during the parade between Pug Lake and Pug Woods.  The electricity between them was undeniable.

Pug Crawl 2015-31

The secret to winning the match is that no other pug can fit in the ring.  Whatever works, bro!

Pug Crawl 2015-33

Can someone please sponsor this guy so he can ride around Portland with his side car pug full time?  The world needs this.

Pug Crawl 2015-35Roman and Izzy won second place for their epic costumes!  Well done!

Pug Crawl 2015-37The moment you all have been waiting for- the winner of the Pug Crawl was Leeloo the race car driver!!  Powered by treats, she will drive right into your heart.  Awwwwwwwww!

We all raised over $16,000 to help pets in need.  That is amazing!!  Many, many more photos can be seen on the Oregon Humane Society website.  Enjoy the insanity!!!  See you next year, pug lovers <3