Pugs + beer + Star Wars + costumes + Portland = the BEST EVENT OF ALL TIME EVER!  The Oregon Humane Society raised over $28,000 from this event, and the funds are used to help find homes for over 11,000 animals a year.  How cool is that?  This year’s Pug Crawl had record breaking attendance, and I sure hope you were able to be there to join in the fun.  If you weren’t able to make it, then fear not!  I ran around, ankle deep in pugs, to document the glory for you.


Do or do not, there is no try.  The Pug Crawl happens no matter what the weather brings, and it’s rather amazing how thousands of people and hundreds of pugs show up knowing that at some point, it WILL rain torrentially down upon them!  Being that it’s Oregon though, just wait a few minutes and the weather will be different. These pug lovers don’t mind, either way.


May the snorts and beer be with you!  The Pacific Pug Rescue is AMAZING and had the most epic entry into the parade.  Here’s one of the awesome volunteers wearing her official tshirt, that I was just dying over.  What’s that in her hand, you wonder?  One of the most delicious adult beverages in town, you think?  Totally.  It’s a beer from Portland Brewing Company — they hosted this pugtastic event in the street next to their Taproom.  The McTarnahan’s Amber Ale is my personal favorite! Go take a tour of the brewery or hit up the happy hour, you’ll love it.


His whole life was leading up to getting to wear this unbelievably awesome costume!




Conveniently, this Rebel Fighter has pugs!  Better bring them on down to the Crawl!


“You’re not a pug, GO AWAY!!”  Gotta love crotchety pugs in beautiful dresses <3


Walker Yoda is so perfect.


Of course Princess Leia wants to be held, she’s a princess.

Alrighty, friends.  It’s time for a shoutout to some of my favorite pug attendees!  This pug here is one of my absolute favorites of all time — every year I totally lose it over him.  He has so much bonus fuzz.  So this year he just about killed me right then and there by doing THIS.  What a way to go though, pug friend.  So worth it!


This spectacular dancer just stopped me in my tracks.  I must tell you that this wasn’t going on for a half second — she was like this for way longer than what could seem possible.  She must have spotted a total pug babe over at the Pacific Pug Rescue booth.


If there is one thing that will get me every. single. time. — it’s a dangly dog in a baby carrier.  Add an ancient pug and just STICK A FORK IN ME.


Certain pugs have an arachnid quality about them — am I the only one who has ever thought this?  Like, this is a gigantic spider that oops, is missing 6 eyes and 4 legs?  Am I insane?  I mean, he even has fangs!


Look at this cheerful bunch!


Livin’ the life, right here!


Omg!  So my awesome assistant Rachelle happened to have one of the now famous talking Chewbacca masks (that are now sold out everywhere and going for a pretty penny on Ebay), and I put it on for awhile and ran around taking photos. First of all, it was an honor to be Chewbacca for those 20 minutes.  Second of all, it’s pretty hard to take photos while wearing it.


Third of all, I frightened many children!  I seriously disturbed this sweet girl who was just trying to enjoy her Swedish Fish with her pug in peace!


This kid wouldn’t even look at me.


He’s so stoked for the parade.




Get a close look at his teeth situation!!  So good!  They make an excellent pair, and I totally want her pug vest.


It’s Star Wars lunchbox!!


Loves it.  He just LOVES IT!


These guys just slayed.


Backpack Yoda was so super comf!  Just because you’re at the Pug Crawl doesn’t mean you actually have to get on the ground!


This young Princess has last minute adjustments done before her big moment.


I can’t even begin to describe how epic the Pacific Pug Rescue’s parade entry was.  There were so many people involved with almost every character from Star Wars portrayed by pug and human alike.  They even had live theme music.  It was PUGNIFICENT!!


Cloud City pug is one of my favorite pugs of all time.  She goes to lots of pet events around Portland and loves most of all, to be upside down.  Here she is in a rare moment with her belly to the ground, but still up in the clouds.


Yep, the pugs are flying it!


I died. So good.


A moment of pug reflection in the Imperial TIE Fighter.


They’re in love.  I’m in love.




The crowd was just beyond delighted.

Don’t you just want to be them? Obviously it rules to be them.


Deathstar Daisy!


There is no way to get more badass than this.

I’m not sure I know what this is, but I know that it’s hilarious.


There were over 100 pugs to enter the Pug Crawl parade!  Omg, how to decide who wins? They were all so amazing!!


And the winner is…. Helga the Hutt!  Helga is Pug Crawl royalty, having won many times before. Congrats, Helga and her mom Gretchen!!


Helga as Jabba the Hutt is a sight to behold, isn’t it?  I love the way her neck roll is just super floofed by her costume, and I couldn’t adore her more.  I can’t wait to see what you come up with next year!

You guys, the Pug Crawl is my favorite event in the world.  How could it not be?  There is nothing better than this!  I’m already counting down to next year 🙂

To see WAY MORE fun photos from the Pug Crawl, check out my gallery here: 2016 Pug Crawl Gallery by Sit! Stay Pet Photography

By the way, if you stopped by my booth you would have noticed that I was doing a drawing for a free shoot.  The winner for that is Debra Rapoport!  Congrats, Debra- I can’t wait to do a fun super fun shoot with you!

May the pugs be with you,