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Louie at the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm

Oh my, I can't believe that 2 years ago today we adopted our sweet, sweet pup o' noodles Louie!  The love I have for this dog is just BEYOND infinity.  Life was pretty great before, but there is nothing like having a dog that grows your heart a hundred times bigger...

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Bella in the Pearl District of Downtown Portland

Bella is a gorgeous 7 year old pit bull rescue that has a pretty excellent life going.   When she's not chasing seagulls on the beach or playing with her BFF Willie the poodle, she loves spending time with kids and chilling with her favorite toy, Lambchop. She has a...

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The Best of Times at the NW Pet Fair

The NW Pet Fair is such an absurdly fun event! I look forward to it all year and surely you do too, if you have been before.  I shoot or go to lots of pet events, but this one is the all around best for people who love all kinds of animals.  There is so much variety...

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