Arne | Latourell Falls and the Columbia Gorge Adventure Session

This tiny lil adorable pup is Arne, and there is no end to his delight! I just get more entranced by his amazing level of cuteness as time goes on, or maybe he just gets cuter and cuter. This is a very good problem to have. I’m really into his little teeth that stick out and after our session he got a haircut that somehow make them stick out even more, and I’m just in love!

We had an amazing time exploring a couple of my favorite places in the Gorge recently close to sunset. The epic landscapes suited Arne beautifully, as a little dog with big personality! He was totally game to hop up on anything in exchange for some love and dried minnows, of which both were very plentiful.

You know, before I knew better, I used to think that winter was just not a good time to take photos of dogs unless it’s done in the snow, and I certainly don’t feel like that now! The temperatures are usually pretty mild (I think it was over 50 degrees the day we had our session) and there are far fewer people out and about. The waterfalls are at their most impressive in the winter too! There are so many perks to doing a photo session in winter, so I’m very happy I decided to keep trying. These photos of Arne are some of my favorites ever!



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Louie | Dog Photography in Bend, Oregon

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