Berkeley | Spring Wildflower Field Photos

Oh, how I love wildflower fields! Spring is upon us and it’s time to immerse in colorful fields of amazingness with dogs! We celebrated Berkeley’s 1st birthday last year with photos in one of my favorite locations, with these stunning purple flowers, tall trees, and a lake. We are about to do his next session for his 2nd birthday in a couple weeks at the coast, so with spring now here and our upcoming session approaching, I have been reminiscing about our last big adventure. There was much frolicking, lots of jumping for joy, and playing with endless enthusiasm! I’m going to be taking his energy with me into spring and set aside time to fully enjoy having fun, Berkeley style. May we all live with the merriment of this delightful dog!


Wildflower field with dog in Portland

Golden retriever in purple wildflower field

woman and dog hold hands in field of flowers

spring photos with dogs portland

dog jumps through field of purple flowers in Washington state

family photos with dog around Portland, OR

couple photos with dog in oregon

golden retriever runs through field of flowers

man pets his dog in a field of purple flowers

man jumps with his dog in a field

dog jumps high into the air

golden retriever dog photos in Camas, WA

couple kisses their dog in a forest in Washington

dog jumps in lake in washington

happy dog jumps out of water in Round Lake

wet happy dog in lake

dog shakes water off of him in lake

dog shake

dog shakes water off of him

dog plays with ball

dog runs out of water in Camas, WA

dog plays in lake

dog looks at the sunset behind him reflected in the water

dog photography in Portland, OR

By the way, here is a little video of the album Laura and Blake had me design for them to hold all their favorite photos from our session! It’s a 10×10 album, with a gorgeous acrylic cover that makes Berkeley’s jump for joy pop that much more. I love it.


Stout and Alix  | A Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm Sunrise Session

Stout and Alix | A Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm Sunrise Session

Stout and Alix met with me early in the morning for their sunrise session at the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm. It's always worth it to get up early for a sunrise session, in case you have ever have questioned this! The complete magic of the tulip farm is undeniable, and...

Lewis and Clark  |  A Snow Session on Mt. Hood with Cats

Lewis and Clark | A Snow Session on Mt. Hood with Cats

This was certainly one of the most memorable photo sessions I have ever done- how completely awesome to get to photograph these beautiful cats in the snow! And you won't even believe the incredible grand finale of a spectacular sunset we got at the end of our session....