Ellie | Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm Photos

One of my favorite places in all the lands is at the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm in Woodburn, Oregon. Good thing I live close by, so I can immerse in the glory of beautiful dogs at sunrise in the colorful tulip fields for weeks! I did this session last year with Ellie while she was still an only child, before her golden sis Rosie came home to join them all. We had a truly amazing time photographing her in the stunning sunrise (my favorite time to photograph dogs there!) and watching the hot air balloons. It’s the most beautiful place, which feels like a fairy tale. I love how dog friendly they are too.

Side note, I have photographed Ellie three more times since our tulip session and I just realized while making this post that her nose wasn’t always pink, like it is now! Excuse me while I scroll through her instagram account and find out when it turned colors. Ok, so… it starting getting much lighter a few months ago, in October. I did a search for why this would happen and apparently there is such a thing and it’s called “snow nose”. It is a seasonal thing, starting when it gets cold and then the color usually come back later when it’s warmer. It’s totally harmless. Anyway, did you know about snow nose? Does this happen to your dogs too? Ellie has always had a special something and now she has even more intrigue!

If you would like to have you and your dog photographed in the marvelous tulip fields this year, get in touch. The fields open on March 18th, with peak bloom being the 1st and 2nd weeks of April. I have room for a couple more sessions there, so contact me if you would like to snag one of those spots!

golden retriever dog in field of red tulips at the wooden shoe tulip farm

dog yawning in tulip field in woodburn oregon

couple with dog in tulip field at sunrise

couple pets dog at wooden shoe tulip farm

happy dog at the wooden shoe tulip farm

golden retriever dog smells tulips

dog in oregon tulip field with mt hood

golden retriever in yellow tulips in oregon

woman with dog at wooden shoe tulip farm

woman with golden retriever in yellow tulip field

dog head tilt with tulips

Wooden shoe tulip farm dog laying in flowers

dog running through tulip field in woodburn, oregon

golden retriever running through tulip fields at sunrise

dog with hot air balloons at tulip festival in oregon

dog with hot air balloons at wooden shoe tulip farm in oregon


Stout and Alix  | A Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm Sunrise Session

Stout and Alix | A Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm Sunrise Session

Stout and Alix met with me early in the morning for their sunrise session at the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm. It's always worth it to get up early for a sunrise session, in case you have ever have questioned this! The complete magic of the tulip farm is undeniable, and...

Lewis and Clark  |  A Snow Session on Mt. Hood with Cats

Lewis and Clark | A Snow Session on Mt. Hood with Cats

This was certainly one of the most memorable photo sessions I have ever done- how completely awesome to get to photograph these beautiful cats in the snow! And you won't even believe the incredible grand finale of a spectacular sunset we got at the end of our session....