Georgia | Bend Oregon Dog Photography

OMG, this puppy!! Lil’ Georgia here is 12 weeks old in these photos and just the cuddliest, sweetest, fuzziest beauty in all the lands. We did our session about 3.5 weeks ago and now she is so much bigger! These early puppy days are the most precious thing EVER since it’s so very fleeting, and I’m so happy we got to document her baby pup stage in this beautiful park in Bend. I thought sunrise in Central Oregon in May would be the perfect time for the session, but it was so much colder than I expected- just 28 degrees. The light was beautiful though, and we kept Georgia toasty with cuddles and a blanket in between her running around moments. You can see how frozen the ground is on the grass with some of the photos, and I was definitely laying down in it, of course! She licked my camera lens at one point and it was too covered to just wipe off with a cloth. I sprayed my lens cleaner on it without thinking about it and it froze in a layer of ice. I had to use a different lens for the rest of the session, haha. The experience with playing with puppy Georgia was totally worth it alone and now with these photos, we get to bask in her glorious and precious puppyhood forever.


golden retriever puppy running towards camera

man hugs golden retriever puppy

golden retriever in Bend, Oregon

golden retriever puppy running in Bend Oregon

golden retriever runs with tongue out

golden retriever puppy with all legs in the air

funny sad puppy

Bend oregon dog photographer

puppy photos Bend Oregon

central oregon pet photographer

bend oregon dog photographer

jumping golden retriever puppy

golden retriever puppy close up

puppy runs through grass at Shevlin Park

Shevlin Park photographer

bend oregon pet photographer

shevlin park photographer

central oregon dog photographer

puppy jumps over log


Stout and Alix  | A Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm Sunrise Session

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Lewis and Clark  |  A Snow Session on Mt. Hood with Cats

Lewis and Clark | A Snow Session on Mt. Hood with Cats

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