Kaia | A Cannon Beach Dog Adventure

Where’s the best place for a Cannon Beach dog adventure?  I do, of course, love gorgeous Haystack Rock and the delightful town of Cannon Beach. There is good reason for people to flock to all it’s amazing dog friendly places and I always make time to spend there. However, I much prefer to take dogs and their lovely people to a beach a few miles away for their photography and play adventures. It’s quieter, bordered beautifully by a forest, has amazing rock formations and caves, and a stunning feature- a waterfall on the beach. The best part though is the magic. For me, this place is infused with the magic of all of the incredible dogs I have photographed there, and what that magic contains is absolute pure love and joy. I know that everyone I bring there feels it too. There is something about the ocean that brings both a feeling of incredible calmness and vitality, no matter the weather. It’s a destination of celebration, wonder, and happiness. And when you bring your best friend there to revel in the beauty of life with her during a truly incredible sunset, there is nothing sweeter.

Kaia lost her leg to cancer, but she adapted quickly, and her long tail seems to have taken on the role of balancing her out. You might mistake her tail for her leg in a few of these photos, haha. As a retired racing greyhound, her body knows how to adjust. She’s currently about 7 months post op, and chemotherapy has done it’s job well too thankfully. There’s nothing like celebrating life at the beach, so we met there on the most beautiful spring day where we were graced with stunning light and an incredible sunset. Kaia and Michelle ran around together with glee, and it was such a beautiful sight, I can still see them in slow motion when I dream about this place.

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