Lewis and Clark | A Snow Session on Mt. Hood with Cats

This was certainly one of the most memorable photo sessions I have ever done- how completely awesome to get to photograph these beautiful cats in the snow! And you won’t even believe the incredible grand finale of a spectacular sunset we got at the end of our session. It was one of the most stunning that I have ever witnessed, and it felt like perfection that it happened behind a couple of the most gorgeous kitties ever. I was in pure awe of all the glory in front of me!

Lewis and Clark are Siberian Forest Cats that live marvelous lives of grand adventure with their pawpaw Jory. They go on daily fun walks on leashes around their Westmoreland neighborhood, where of course lots of people know them by name. They were even featured in news stories recently, one of which you can see here.

When they aren’t exploring their SE Portland streets, they love to hang out in their custom built backyard catio, designed by Jory. They also can be found relaxing in boats in the summer, content to watch the birds and fish and contemplate life with their favorite people.

The first time I photographed these two, it was a couple years ago at 5 am in a colorful garden in Washington, so we could be sure to have the place to ourselves. They have grown a lot in confidence since they were kittens, and it was awesome to watch them walk around like they owned the mountain. We even found a Sno-Cat, which they of course were delighted by and claimed as theirs quite immediately.

By the way, for their safety and our peace of mind, they were wearing harnesses and leashes the entire time, which were edited out afterwards. Just a lil’ Photoshop magic to help bring this beautiful snowy dream to life!

Here’s some of my favorite photos of our adventures in the snow on Mt. Hood below. And make sure to follow these beauties on Instagram here: @lewis.clark.explorer.cats

cats in the snow on Mt. Hood

siberian forest cat walking on the snow

black cat sits in a tree

blue eyed cat walks in the snow

cats on Mt. Hood in Oregon

black cat walking in the snow

cat sits in backpack in snow in Oregon

beautiful cat sits in the snow

cats on a snowy branch

man holding cat by Pacific Crest Trail sign

man with cats in backpack in the snow with snowshoes on

cat in front of Mt. Hood in Oregon

cats on the sno-cat at Timberline Lodge

cats in the snow with M.t Jefferson behind them

man walking his cats in the snow

cat brothers standing together in the snow

cats in the snow at sunset

Man holding his adventure cats

man walking his cats at sunset on Mt. Hood in Oregon

siberian forest cat sitting on the snow at sunset

black siberian forest cat sitting on the snow at sunset on Mt. Hood

Siberian Forest Cats walking at sunset in the snow on Mt. Hood


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