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Otis, Otis, Otis…. I cannot get enough of this pug.  I saw him for the first time in a sea of hundreds of pugs a couple years ago, and loved him immediately.  What sorcery is this, you ask?  Hundreds of pugs, you say?  I’m talking about the Oregon Humane Society’s annual Pug Crawl!  You can find photos of the 2014 event where I met Otis here and since I know you’ll require more- here are last year’s epic photos 🙂  Anyhow, with pug faces as far as the eye can see, there was Otis sitting on his mama’s lap (sound familiar, pug parents?) and who knew that it would lead to an photo adventure in downtown Portland a year and half later?  YAY!

Here are the fun photos from around the Pearl District with his awesome parental units Jennifer and Aaron.   We ended at the International Rose Test Garden, where he basked with his namesakes.  We had the best time.


portland pug photos

Let’s start out with some pug loaf, shall we?  No limbs necessary, that face is all we need!


portland pug photos

When asked how long Jennifer and Aaron have had Otis, she says, “We got him right after Thanksgiving 3 years ago when he was a baby, Dec 1st to be exact. Our other dog Frank Sinatra had just passed away 6 weeks before, but we NEEDED another pug and Otis was our little angel. And I really mean that, not only did he save my husband & I from the horrible loss of our beloved Frank (after dying only 3 weeks after his cancer diagnosis when the symptoms showed up) he also was born the same week Frank got sick. It’s like Frank knew it was OK for him to leave, because there was someone else ready to come into our lives. “

portland pug photos

Well, of course Otis is always the center of attention!  He’s lucky to have such an awesome family.


portland pug photos



portland pug photos

How did Otis get his name?  Jennifer says, “Otis is from Milo & Otis the movie, it was his big brother’s favorite movie so we went with that - and all our fur babies have middle names, Fitzgerald is mom’s favorite author F. Scott Fitzgerald.  (Frank would LITERALLY sit, on his bottom, staring at the TV for the full hour & a half of that movie, he absolutely adored watching his “kin” on TV)”

You guys, the vision of Frank watching Milo & Otis alllll the way through just slays me!!  Could you even deal if you saw that?!


portland pug photos

Yes, it’s true- these photos were taken in the fall.  The leaves were awesome in downtown Portland and so fun to play in!


portland pug photos

How cool is this waterfall wall?

portland pug photos

Cute head tilt- check.


portland pug photos

“Otis is the best snuggle bug, best friend, walking buddy, fur baby ANYONE could ever ask for! Having Otis in our lives has been an absolute joy. He makes us laugh on an absolute daily basis!”
portland pug photos

Jennifer and Aaron ordered a huge canvas of this photo to go in their home office- doesn’t it just make you so happy to look at it? 🙂


portland pug photos

Such fun!!  Such epic pug glory!  Thank you Otis, Jennifer, and Aaron for having this adventure with me.  You guys are the best.

I hope to see all you pug-adorers at the next Pug Crawl on May 22nd- the theme for the year is Star Wars — The Pug Awakens.  You can’t miss this!

Also, have you followed me on Instagram yet?  Follow me at @portlandpetphotographer for your daily dose of super cute pets and of course, the holiday I invented because of my love of pugs — #pugfriday.  Come celebrate with me every week!

Until next time and with the love of a million pugs,



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