Scout and Emily | Oregon Coast Dog Photography in Cannon Beach

I have always wanted to photograph a Samoyed for their epic floofiness, and I was beyond delightful to have this sweet floof angel of glory, Scout, come into my life recently! We headed for the Oregon coast, which Scout had only been to once before, on a trip to the Los Angeles area. She and Emily are new to Oregon, and are living in beautiful Bend, fresh from the East Coast. Scout could hardly contain her immense excitement for being at the ocean, and had to tell everyone at the beach all about it by “singing the song of her people”, haha. There was a music video being filmed when we got there, and Scout was singing her praises of the marvelous ocean as a new soundtrack to the video while we waited for them to finish so we could pass them.  Something about the way the light was hitting the dark colored rocks that evening, and the majestic quality of Scout made me think of my upcoming trip to Iceland, and how similar it felt to some of the photos I have seen from there. Oregon is amazing and really does have a lot of the same things that Iceland does if you know where to find them. Anyway, I digress- back to the spectacular Oregon coast and this beautiful dog!

We played on the beach, posing on the rocks, playing in the caves, waving to new friends, and then headed to iconic Haystack Rock in Cannon Beach to full on play in the water with her ball, chase seagulls enthusiastically, and enjoy the gorgeous sunset. Scout’s grand finale was digging in the sand, burying her face, and then ended up looking like a little tanuki by the end of the session. ‘Twas totally amazing, and I adored every single second of our experience!!

I just got this delightful review from Emily about her photo session that I wanted to share:

“Lindsay truly is a gem with a magic touch for her work. I wasn’t sure I “needed” a formal photo shoot for my dog, but not only was the shoot itself incredibly fun, but I absolutely treasure the photos. They capture the goofy energy and personality of my Scout and I know I’ll look back on them for years and years.

Lindsay is not just a photographer who happens to work with pets, but is truly a pet photographer. She knew all the best places on the coast for us to go, and was so fun at getting my dog’s attention throughout the shoot and had truly had a vision and a plan for how to get the action shots, even when my dog was more intent on chasing seagulls than posing.

You won’t regret it!”

Thank you so very much, Emily. I had the very best time and I am in love with these photos!!


samoyed dog in front of some black rocks at the beach

dog on the dark oregon coast rocks

Oregon Coast waterfall with a dog and woman

dog and woman look into the ocean at the oregon coast

white dog standing on rocks near Cannon Beach

samoyed head tilt on the beach

howling samoyed dog

samoyed dog and woman sitting together on the beach in Oregon

oregon dog photographer at the beach

dog running out of a cave in oregon

dog and woman at an oregon beach

samoyed dog waving

dog running at haystack rock

dog and woman playing together in Cannon Beach

dog about to catch ball

white dog at sunset at the beach in Oregon

samoyed dog running through ocean in Cannon Beach

dog and woman running together and playing in the ocean

dog running fast on the beach in Oregon

super fast dog running on the beach at sunset

samoyed running through the ocean with tongue hanging out

dog about to catch a ball in front of haystack rock

dog with ball in front of haystack rock in cannon beach

dog at sunset in the pacific ocean

dog photoshoot with woman at the beach in oregon

dog with head in sand

samoyed dog with sand all over her face
dog shaking sand off at the beach


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