Stout and Alix | A Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm Sunrise Session

Stout and Alix met with me early in the morning for their sunrise session at the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm. It’s always worth it to get up early for a sunrise session, in case you have ever have questioned this! The complete magic of the tulip farm is undeniable, and then you add in a perfect sunrise and these two beauties- it’s just the ultimate happy experience for me as photographer, as well as a pretty marvelous result for Stout and Alix too. 

We were surprised by the steam engine coming out into the field, and the sound echoed throughout the farmlands while Stout licked all the dirt off and back on to Alix’s face. Dogs paws always get dirty here and when you are picking up your dog, giving them high fives and handshakes, it’s likely to get on you too, but I always love that detail! The early sessions here this season were wildly muddy with a strong rainy spring, and although I don’t show it here because it was much drier at this point, the farm had a huuuuge mud puddle and a boat in the middle of it. It made me laugh! 

The Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm is really accommodating to dogs and I very much appreciate that. Stout was kept on leash and it was edited out of all these photos. There’s some magic too- you can’t even tell!

Check out some of our favorite photos from their session now and immerse in the amazing colors and beautiful light, along with the marvelous energy of Alix and Stout with their incredible connection. This is bliss!


woman and dog looking into the sunset at the wooden shoe tulip farm

black dog standing in a field of red tulips

black dog sitting in a field of colorful tulips

woman holding dog in a field of tulips in Oregon

dog kissing woman with a steam engine in the background at the wooden shoe tulip farm

dog kisses woman in a tulip field in woodburn oregon

dog in a tulip field

black dog in a tulip field

dog with one eye looking up from the flowers in a tulip field

dog and person holding hands in a flower field

black dog in an orange tulip flower field

dog side eye in a flower field

woman hugs dog in a tulip field at sunrise

woman kisses dog at the wooden shoe tulip farm

wooden shoe tulip farm sunrise with dog

black dog in a yellow tulip row

dog laying down at the tulip farm in woodburn oregon

black dog runs through tulip field

dog runs fast through tulips

running dog through a flower field

woman greets dog with open arms

dog with paw on owners leg

dog kisses woman

woman and dog in front of windmill at the wooden shoe tulip farm

black dog in front of windmill at a tulip farm in oregon


Lewis and Clark  |  A Snow Session on Mt. Hood with Cats

Lewis and Clark | A Snow Session on Mt. Hood with Cats

This was certainly one of the most memorable photo sessions I have ever done- how completely awesome to get to photograph these beautiful cats in the snow! And you won't even believe the incredible grand finale of a spectacular sunset we got at the end of our session....