Wesson | An Oregon Coast Dog Adventure

Wesson is a 5 month old bundle of adorable goldendoodle puppy glory- just truly pure gold both in coat and personality. We met at Rachel and Salvatore’s house on the Oregon Coast and walked down to the beach, where we had it pretty much to ourselves, except for a couple of Wesson’s neighbor dog buddies who passed by. It was amazing to explore a beach that was new to me with these lovelies. Wesson got to run free and wild, bouncing around with his bright puppy energy, and he found all sorts of sticks and balls to frolick with. We had the absolute best time.

Winter at the coast is often a little warmer than it is in Portland, and is an amazing time for an adventure photo session with your dog. The beaches are nearly empty and it always looks spectacularly beautiful. Go ahead and immerse for a moment in this gorgeousness and I suspect you’ll want to plan your own trip there soon.

goldendoodle puppy on beach in Arch Cape

close up of sweet dog's face

dog runs with ball on the sand

Arch Cape fun thing to do with your dog

dog photography session with couple

cute dog posing on log on beach

couple with dog on river beach in Oregon

funny dog with couple on a river beach

dog running on beach

Couple at Arch Cape Oregon beach with dog running

funny portrait with couple and dog on Oregon Beach

man hugs his dog on beach in Oregon

goldendoodle dog running on beach

couple kissing dog with all of their eyes closed

silhouette of couple playing with dog at the beach in Oregon

woman playing with goldendoodle dog at sunset

woman playing with dog at sunset

goldendoodle in the sunset light at the Oregon coast


Stout and Alix  | A Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm Sunrise Session

Stout and Alix | A Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm Sunrise Session

Stout and Alix met with me early in the morning for their sunrise session at the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm. It's always worth it to get up early for a sunrise session, in case you have ever have questioned this! The complete magic of the tulip farm is undeniable, and...

Lewis and Clark  |  A Snow Session on Mt. Hood with Cats

Lewis and Clark | A Snow Session on Mt. Hood with Cats

This was certainly one of the most memorable photo sessions I have ever done- how completely awesome to get to photograph these beautiful cats in the snow! And you won't even believe the incredible grand finale of a spectacular sunset we got at the end of our session....